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Ira Oberoi's Pursuit of Love-हर ऑफ़र की तुलना करें

9789387022058 - Niti Chopra: Ira Oberoi's Pursuit of Love - पुस्तक
Niti Chopra (?):

Ira Oberoi's Pursuit of Love (2017) (?)

ISBN: 9789387022058 (?) या 9387022056, अज्ञात भाषा, Srishti Publishers, Srishti Publishers, Srishti Publishers, नई, ebook, डिजिटल डाउनलोड

विक्रेता/Antiquarian से
Sparkling and zesty with a dash of green, a Virgin Mojito is a unique blend up and Ira is one lucky girl to have found her Mojito tall and handsome with green eyes, he is in every definition the intoxication for her. In a twist of tales, the traditional concept of the boy wooing the girl goes for a toss. Smitten at first sight, she boldly pursues her love interest, every bit candid and upfront about it. But what is a concoction if not for a heady mix of elements? Her descriptive personal diary falls in the hands of her mother who, on the verge of a cardiac arrest, forbids her from getting into a relationship with the guy she has fallen for. Will Ira stand up for the love that she has found?Or will she be the ideal daughter and keep the promise for her mother's sake? Will hers be a love story that finds it difficult to have a sweet ending or will it be the perfect fairytaleto be remembered down the years?Will Ira Oberoi's Pursuit of Love be successful?
विक्रेता क्रम संख्या: 1d07403a-5323-4f97-8a2e-2eff72d05642
मंच क्रम संख्या Kobobooks.fr: 432299789387022058
श्रेणी: Romance
कीवर्ड: Ira Oberoi's Pursuit of Love Niti Chopra Contemporary Romance 9789387022058
डेटा से 04.01.2018 09:01h
ISBN (वैकल्पिक notations): 93-87022-05-6, 978-93-87022-05-8


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