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9789386651945 - Shashi Warrier: The Orphan Diaries - पुस्तक

Shashi Warrier (?):

The Orphan Diaries (2006) (?)

डिलीवरी से: फ़्रांसनई किताबeBook, e-पुस्तक, डिजिटल पुस्तकडिजिटल डाउनलोड के लिए उत्पाद

9789386651945 (?) या 9386651947

, अज्ञात भाषा, Penguin, Penguin, Penguin, नई, ebook, डिजिटल डाउनलोड
'Among the thousands of orphaned children adopted after'47 there are a few-less than twenty-who were planted here by Jinnah's men. ' At thirty-eight, feeling ancient and used up, Colonel Rajan Menon-Raja-knows his best years as a commando are behind him. But he is soon tested as never before. The Prime Minister's granddaughter has been abducted, and the kidnappers want some sensitive diaries in the possession of the CBI, the contents of which, if made public, can throw the country into turmoil. Raja works out a meticulous rescue plan, but the raid ends in a disaster-the girl is killed, not a single kidnapper is captured and the diaries disappear. And all the evidence points to Raja's complicity. Hounded by the police and, inexplicably, a ruthless psychopath, Raja is on the run, determined to clear his name. As he makes his harrowing journey towards the truth, a sinister plot unfolds an astounding account that began in 1947.
कीवर्ड: The Orphan Diaries Shashi Warrier Fiction & Literature 9789386651945
डेटा से 03.08.2017 01:38h
ISBN (वैकल्पिक notations): 93-86651-94-7, 978-93-86651-94-5


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