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9789381448793 - Prem P.Bhalla: Achhe Anko Se Pariksha Pass Karne Ke 7 Rahasya - पुस्तक

Prem P.Bhalla (?):

Achhe Anko Se Pariksha Pass Karne Ke 7 Rahasya (2012) (?)

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9789381448793 (?) या 9381448795

, अंग्रेजी में, 144 पृष्ठ, V & S Publishers, किताबचा, नई
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Exams play a major role in the lives of not just during academic pursuits, but later in the career too. Although youngsters are taught a variety of subjects to equip them for life in general, no school teaches them how to excel in exams. Most learn only through trial and error. Others remain clueless about how to excel in exams throughout their lives. But this crucial information can ensure that even those with average IQ excel in exams. This book contains simple and practical tips and guidelines on how to tap your full potential and give off your best during exams. An invaluable guide for all students and adults due to appear in exams. As well as for parents who wish to ensure their children do well and secure maximum marks. The book offers simple guidelines on:*Improving memory*Maximising Concentration*Adopting effective study habits and techniques*Developing proper reading, listening, language and communication skills*Doing well in different kinds of exams*Understanding what the examiner wants *Overcoming exam anxiety and tension. , Paperback, संस्करण: Latest Revised Edition, लेबल: V & S Publishers, V & S Publishers, उत्पाद समूह: Book, प्रकाशित: 2012-04-04, स्टूडियो: V & S Publishers, बिक्री रैंक: 296766
कीवर्ड: Banking & Insurance, Defence, Engineering Entrance, Exams by UPSC, Finance & Accounting, Government Exams, IGNOU Entrance Exam, International Entrance Exams, Interview Preparation, Law Entrance Exams, Management Entrance, Medical Entrance, Polytechnics & ITI, Professional Certification Exams, Books, Exam Preparation
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ISBN (वैकल्पिक notations): 93-81448-79-5, 978-93-81448-79-3


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