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9789351287827 - D.C. Nanunda: Child Labour and Human Rights - पुस्तक

D.C. Nanunda (?):

Child Labour and Human Rights (2008) (?)

डिलीवरी से: संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिकापुस्तक अंग्रेजी भाषा में हैनई किताबeBook, e-पुस्तक, डिजिटल पुस्तकडिजिटल डाउनलोड के लिए उत्पाद

9789351287827 (?) या 9351287823

, अंग्रेजी में, Kalpaz Publications, Kalpaz Publications, Kalpaz Publications, नई, ebook, डिजिटल डाउनलोड
The recent trend in the global system is to evaluate the development of any country not in terms of their military or economic strength or the splendor of their capital cites and big public buildings, but also in terms of human development or the well being of its citizens. Against this backdrop, the existence and perpetuation of child labor has been one of the main limiting factors standing in the way of human development in almost all the developing countries, including India, The issue of child labour is a worldwide phenomenon and it exists in almost all the countries of this planet. Meanwhile it is very sadding to write that our India is one among the nation in the world, which has the unique distinction of being a large employer of child labour. Since child labour is a more complex natured problem a balanced approach is needed to solve this issue with an interactive role from all concerned people and the agencies. It is the right time for all to be highly and really think regarding ensure of better social, political and economic lives to all sections of the society, at least in the interest of human rights in this new millennium, Apart from the normal style, this Book contains some thematic discussion on child labor and human rights. Each chapter has written based on grass root experiences of the author. This is the most creamy part of this book. Each and every chapter of this book gives a different outlook on the problem to the readers. This book will be highly useful to academic people, anthropologists, policy makers, NGOs, research students, development agencies and others, interested in studying the growing problem of child labour.
श्रेणी: Social & Cultural Studies
कीवर्ड: Child Labour and Human Rights D.C. Nanunda Political Science Social & Cultural Studies 9789351287827
डेटा से 02.07.2017 19:32h
ISBN (वैकल्पिक notations): 93-5128-782-3, 978-93-5128-782-7
संग्रह प्रविष्टि:
9789351287827 - D. C. Nanunda: Child Labour and Human Rights: A Prospective - पुस्तक

D. C. Nanunda (?):

Child Labour and Human Rights: A Prospective (?)

डिलीवरी से: संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिकानई किताबeBook, e-पुस्तक, डिजिटल पुस्तक

9789351287827 (?) या 9351287823

, अज्ञात भाषा, Kalpaz Publications, नई, ebook
स्टॉक में
Child-Labour-and-Human-Rights~~D-C-Nanunda, Child Labour and Human Rights: A Prospective, NOOK Book (eBook)
श्रेणी: Current Affairs>Domestic Affairs>Domestic Affairs
डेटा से 02.07.2017 19:32h
ISBN (वैकल्पिक notations): 93-5128-782-3, 978-93-5128-782-7


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