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C. Janakavali (?):

Renovating Higher Education Vision of Swami Vivekananda (2014) (?)

डिलीवरी से: भारतयह पुस्तक एक hardcover पुस्तक एक पुस्तिका नहीं हैनई किताब

9789351280309 (?) या 9351280306

, अज्ञात भाषा, hardcover, नई
नि: शुल्क नौवहन nach: AUT
2014. hardcover. New. About The Author:- C. Janakavalli is basically a master of Zoology; her areas of interest include Educational Psychology, Personality Development, Special Education, Educational Research, Educational Technology and Life Skills. She started her academic career as a special resource teacher for the visually impaired learners; she rose to be the Principal of the College. She had served for this institution for 25 years in various capacities in the department of Education. She organised the seminar as Organising Secretary. She adores Swamiji very much and he is her role model. The Holy Trinity Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Holy Mother Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda is her idols of worship. T. Nagavalli, is Associate Professor of Mathematics. She has been working for this institution for the past two decades. She is interested in Mathematics Education, Educational Research, Advanced Educational Statistics, Educational Technology and Guidance and Counseling apart from Gender Differences in Mathematics and Mathematics Learning Disability. She is very interested in Swaimiji's prophetic vision and his unparalleled work for the motherland. K.P. Shanmugavadivu is Associate Professor of Education. She joined the Sarada Faculty five years ago. She is a Chemistry Post Graduate and a master of Educational Psychology. She is very pious and follower of the Holy Trinity. She is very interested in Fine Arts. Her areas of interest range from cognitive Psychology to Learning Styles and Theories. Contents:- Contents # Editorial 9 List of Contributors 11 PART–I: SPIRITUAL VALUES IN HIGHER EDUCATION 1. Spiritual Values in Higher Education 17 B. Kavitha 2. Swamiji and the Guru in Renovating Education 21 C. Praveen 3. Education and Moral Values 25 T. Padmashree 4. Moral Values in College Education 31 Chandragupta 5. Educational Values of Swami Vivekananda 35 G. Gayathri 6. Moral Education in Schools 41 K. Sujatha and C. Nandeesh 7. Role of Ethical Education 45 P. Pandiavadivu PART–II: WESTERN THOUGHTS IN HIGHER EDUCATION 8. Thoughts Behind Modern Pedagogy 57 M. Balasubramaniam and S. Rajaguru PART–III: WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT 9. Education for Women Empowerment 65 Vanniarajan 10. Swamiji’s Belief on Women Empowerment 69 T. Nagavalli 11. Educational Philosophies of Swamiji 75 C. Janakavalli and L. Komathi 12. Saintly Thoughts on Women 81 S. Vimala Ramani 13. How Effective is Social Skills Training? 85 G. Subramonian and K. Suprabha 14. Educate Women to Elevate Our Nation 91 j. Rekha 15. Women's Status in Education 95 V. Thilagavathy 16. Education for Women Empowerment—A Saintly Vision 99 A. Kalaivani 17. Education— A Catalyst in Empowering Women 105 Reshmi Ramachandran and G. Subramonian 18. Swamiji’s Thoughts for Women Education 109 G. Kumutha 19. Education and Women Empowerment 115 B. Gayathri PART–IV: NATIONAL INTEGRATION AND INTERNATIONAL UNDERSTANDING 20. Swami Vivekananda and National Integration 125 C. Janakavalli and P. Megala 21. Role of Teachers in Promoting National Integration 129 N. Muthaiah and M. Senthilkumaran 22. Education for National Integration at Secondary Level 135 D.C. Vani Nayaki and Y. Devaraja 23. Swamiji’s Formulae for National Integration 141 D. Silambu Selvi 24. Cultural Intelligence: A Key Perspective 147 P. Sooriya 25. Education for National Service: A Comparative Study on Patriotic Attitude and National Integration among the NCC Cadets and Non-NCC Students 153 B. Mohan Kumar PART–V: EDUCATION FOR NATIONAL SERVICE 26. Value-Based Education for Rural Development 159 C. Nandeesh PART–VI: YOGA EDUCATION 27. Vision of Swamiji on Raja Yoga 167 S. Velvizhi 28. Concentration — The Method of Education 173 S. Santhi 29. Yoga: An Urgent Need 177 S. Amutha and M. Suganya Print30. Human Values in Karma Yoga 181 K. Subashini 31. Effect of Pranayama on Selected Physiological Variables 187 G. Vinod Kumar and A. Siddhartha 32. Effect of Aerobic Training and Aeroyoga 193 D. Gokulakrishnan and G. Gnanagandarvan 33. Influence of Bhastrika Pranayama on Stress 197 D. Yogaraj 34. Effects of Yogasana on Motor Fitness 201 K. Rajendran 35. Yoga for Women 205 B. Soundiram and R. Elangovan 36. Yoga Education and its Benefits 211 Kotreshwaraswamy. A. 48. Education for the Course 297 Umamaheswari and M. Jayashree PART–IX: HYPER VISION OF SWAMI VIVEKANANDA 49. Ancient Educational Ideas 301 P. Sarvaharana and S. Manikandan 50. Higher Education in India–A Revelation 309 K.P. Shanmuga Vadivu 51. Swamiji on the Real Man 315 V. Priya 52. Saintly Reflections on Education 321 R. Selvamathi Sugirtha 53. A Special Dimension on Philosophy of Education 327 R.R. Madankar 54. Reforming the Existing Higher Education System 331 S. Logeshkumar 55. Swamiji’s Aims of Education 337 A.V. Karabasanagoudra 56. The Philosophy and Method of Education 341 P. Ranganayaki 57. Swamiji on Philosophy of Education 345 V. Pradeepa 58. The Scheme of Education 351 P. Vasantha 59. Swamiji’s Mission of Life 357 A. Selvalakshmi 60. Swamiji's Views on Education 361 P. Suseela and M. Nala 61. Education in His Vision 367 P. Perumal and S. Rajaguru 62. Saintly Thoughts on Education 373 P. S. Ashwini 63. Swami Vivekananda: The Unparalled Preceptor 377 R. Sheela Banu 64. Education in the Vision of Swamiji 381 S. S. Jayanthi Devi 65. Spiritual Values of Swamiji in Higher Education 385 P. Rajalakshmi and j. Vincent Thaninayagam Index 389Surapuramath 37. Yoga Education in B.Ed. Curriculum 217 S.D. Subadra PART–VII: SUBLIMATION OF WORK, LOVE AND SERVICE 38. Realising Youth Potential 223 V. Usha Sri PART–VIII: CHARACTER AND CULTIVATION OF MIND 39. Character Building and Development of Mind 231 R. Rajeswari 40. Character and the Cultivation of Mind 241 M.N. Geetha 41. Character and Cultivation of Man 247 D.S.N. Vimal Kumar 42. Guiding Principles of Swamiji on Character Formation 253 A. Balamallikadevi 43. Character and Cultivation of Mind Among B.Ed Students 261 Poonum Jahaly 44. Man-Making Education 267 T.S. Balakrishnan 45. A Positive Approach to Character and Cultivation of Mind 271 C. Renuga Devi 46. Character and Cultivation of Mind 285 B. Kalaivani 47. Education and Character Development 291 S. Priyadharsini The Title 'Renovating Higher Education Vision of Swami Vivekananda written by C. Janakavali' was published in the year 2014. The ISBN number 9789351280309 is assigned to the hardcover version of this title. This book has total of pp. 400 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Kalpaz Publications. This Book is in English. The subject of this book is Education
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ISBN (वैकल्पिक notations): 93-5128-030-6, 978-93-5128-030-9


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