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9788186641255 - P L Sanjeev Reddy; Jaideep Singh and R K Tiwari: Democracy Governance and Globalization : Essays in Honour of Paul H Appleby - पुस्तक
P L Sanjeev Reddy; Jaideep Singh and R K Tiwari (?):

Democracy Governance and Globalization : Essays in Honour of Paul H Appleby (2004) (?)

डिलीवरी से: संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिकायह पुस्तक एक hardcover पुस्तक एक पुस्तिका नहीं हैइस्तेमाल किया पुस्तक, नहीं एक नई किताब।

ISBN: 9788186641255 (?) या 8186641254, अज्ञात भाषा, Indian Inst of Public Administ, New Delhi, hardcover, इस्तेमाल किया, धूल जैकेट के साथ

2.173 (US$ 30,00)¹ + शिपिंग: 554 (US$ 7,65)¹ = 2.727 (US$ 37,65)¹(दायित्व के बिना)
विक्रेता/Antiquarian से, Vedams eBooks (P) Ltd [573945], New Delhi, India
Contents Preface. Introduction/P.L. Sanjeev Reddy Jaideep Singh and R.K. Tiwari. 1. Paul Appleby and India big democracy/Milton j. Esman. 2. Paul Appleby public administration democracy and transparency/Suzanne j. Piotrowski and David H. Rosenbloom. 3. Perspectives on Appleby and organizational analysis/Robert T. Golembiewski and Seok Eun Kim. 4. The erosion of public service in the United States/Gerald E. Caiden. 5. From development administration to new public management the quest for effectiveness democratic governance governability and public morality/O.P. Dwivedi and Jorge Nef. 6. Appleby democratic morality and a worldwide public administration code of ethics/Thomas Dexter Lynch and Cynthia E. Lynch. 7. Alternative dispute resolution the bad news for democracy/Jon Alexander. 8. The new public service administration and democratic governance/Robert B. Denhardt andJanet Vinzant Denhardt. 9. Jawaharlal Nehru and the Appleby reports/A.P. Saxena. 10. Paul H. Appleby the administrative Plato/S.R. Maheshwari. 11. Paul H. Appleby and India's administration/Krishna K. Tummala. 12. Information technology and efficiency in disaster response the Bhuj Gujarat earthquake of 26 January 2001/Louise K. Comfort. 13. Globalisation revisited implications for public policy/Sunil Khatri. 14. Globalization and public governance the Indian imperatives/Vivek K. Agnihotri. 15. Public administration and the challenge of globalization/E.H. Valsan. 16. Governance globalization and Big democracy revisited/Robert F. Durant. 17. Stress ambivalence and coping lessons for policy making in the Hebrew Bible/Ira Sharkansky. 18. Policy by Analogy putting MacArthur in Kabul/John D. Montgomery. 19. Comparative policy analysis learning from others/James W. Bjorkman. The Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA) New Delhi was established in March 1954 as an autonomous body with Shri Jawaharlal Nehru then Prime Minister of India as its Founder President. It is India's premier apex level institution engaged in research consultancy training documentation and dissemination of ideas and best practices in the areas of public policy governance and administration and has been recognised as the national section for India of the international institute of administrative sciences Brussels Belgium. IIPA has a highly qualified multidisciplinary faculty in public administration general management human resource management behavioural sciences information technology financial management economics law and other social sciences. It is uniquely placed and has close relations with the central state and local governments including Panchayati Raj Institutions for whom it undertakes research studies consultancy assignments and training programmes. It organises conferences seminars and workshops on contemporary themes and public policy issues with a view to bringing together practicing administrators and academicians and to evolve policy inputs for the government. The academic activities of the Institute are organised around the following seven academic centres i. Centre for Human Resource Development and Behavioural studies. ii. Centre for public policy planning and environmental studies. iii. Centre for economic analysis and financial management. iv. Centre for management studies public enterprises and computer applications. v. Centre for rural development administration. vi. Centre for urban studies. vii. Centre for social welfare administration and administration of justice. Since January 1955 IIPA has regularly published its prestigious quarterly journal The Indian Journal of Public Administration and since 1969 the Urban affairs quarterly Nagarlok. It also publishes an IIPA Newsletter that is a monthly recorder of national and international news of Public administration and allied matters. The Institute has also published a large number of research studies case studies monographs and books in the area of public administration and governance. The institute's library provid
विक्रेता टिप्पणी Vedams eBooks (P) Ltd [573945], New Delhi, India:
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