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Management Communication (Third Edition) - सभी प्रस्तावों की तुलना करें

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9788126529452 - Bell,Smith: Management Communication (Third Edition)
Bell,Smith (?):

Management Communication (Third Edition) (2011) (?)

ISBN: 9788126529452 (?) या 8126529458, अज्ञात भाषा, Wiley India Pvt. Ltd. किताबचा, नई

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विक्रेता/Antiquarian से, BookVistas [54483961], New Delhi, DEL, India
Finally business professionals will be able to learn how to communicate effectively. This book builds the essential writing, speaking, and listening skills needed to succeed. An entire section is devoted to helping non-native speakers of English in their efforts to produce readable, well-edited work. It includes Communication Dilemmas boxes that pose interesting, real-life communication choices and challenges. Six brief interviews with real communication experts are presented that explore a variety of different corporate environments. New sections are also included on social networking communications and the electronic career search. Business professionals will discover how to apply newly acquired communication skills throughout their careers. Contents:- Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction. Part One: Pillars of Management Communication. ? Chapter 1. Communication Architecture for Professional Success. ? Chapter 2. A Process for Management Writing. ? Chapter 3. Individual and Collaborative Styles for Management Writing. ? Chapter 4. Oral Presentations. ? Chapter 5. Listening. Part Two: Letters, Memos, and E-mail. ? Chapter 6. Formats and Techniques for Business Letters. ? Chapter 7. Saying Yes and No in Correspondence. ? Chapter 8. Persuasive Messages. ? Chapter 9. Effective Memos and E-mail. Part Three: Reports and Proposals. ? Chapter 10. Short and Long Reports. ? Chapter 11. Proposals and Business Plans. ? Chapter 12. Graphic Aids for Documents and Presentations. Part Four: Career Communication. ? Chapter 13. The Career Search, Resumes, and Follow-up Communications. ? Chapter 14. Guidelines for Interviewees and Interviewers. Part Five:Communication Issues for Management Success. ? Chapter 15. Managing Meetings and Telephone Work. ? Chapter 16. Ethics and Law for Management Communication. ? Chapter 17. Gender Communication. ? Chapter 18. Crisis Communication and Media Relations. ? Chapter 19. Communication for Intercultural Management. Appendix A: Management Communication Cases. Appendix B: Grammar, Punctuation, and Usage. Appendix C: Documentation. Index. Printed Pages: 600.
9788126529452 - Arthur H. Bell and Dayle M. Smith: Management Communication
Arthur H. Bell and Dayle M. Smith (?):

Management Communication (2010) (?)

ISBN: 9788126529452 (?) या 8126529458, अज्ञात भाषा, 3. संस्करण, Wiley, किताबचा, नई

1.493 ( 18,83)¹ + शिपिंग: 1.110 ( 14,00)¹ = 2.603 ( 32,83)¹(दायित्व के बिना)
विक्रेता/Antiquarian से, Vedams eBooks (P) Ltd [573945], New Delhi, DELHI, India
Students require excellent communication skills in their business and academic lives  Management Communication is a step-by-step guide for learning specific techniques to help them improve those skills and achieving clarity and brevity in business writing  The authors follow a four-part approach to communication instruction  explain it try it evaluate it perfect it  They provide graduate and undergraduate students managers and managers-in-training with the tools they need to become masterful communicators The new 3rd Edition has a greater focus on strategy through skill and provides more opportunities for applying skills and insights to a broad range of fields for success in future careers in accounting finance marketing management information systems telecommunications and HR 600 pp.


ISBN: 9788126529452 (?) या 8126529458, अज्ञात भाषा

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विक्रेता/Antiquarian से, firstbookstore [56533785], NEW DELHI, IN, India
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9788126529452 - Bell Smith: Management Communication
Bell Smith (?):

Management Communication (?)

ISBN: 9788126529452 (?) या 8126529458, अंग्रेजी में, किताबचा, इस्तेमाल किया

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ISBN: 9788126529452 (?) या 8126529458, अज्ञात भाषा, नई

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