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A. Albert Raj,T. Latha (?):

VLSI Design (2008) (?)

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ISBN: 9788120334311 (?) या 8120334310, अज्ञात भाषा, PHI Learning, किताबचा, नई

625 (US$ 8,75)¹ + शिपिंग: 357 (US$ 5,00)¹ = 982 (US$ 13,75)¹(दायित्व के बिना)
शिपिंग लागत के लिए: DEU
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PHI Learning, 2008. First edition. Softcover. New. This text is intended for the undergraduate engineering students in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, and Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, and those pursuing postgraduate courses in Applied Electronics and VLSI Design. With the electronic devices and chips becoming smaller and smaller, the sizes of circuits and transistors on the microchips are approaching atomic levels. And so, Very Large-Scale Integration (VLSI) Design refers to the process of placing hundreds of thousands of electronic components on a single chip which nearly all modern computer architectures employ, and this technology has assumed a significant role in today’s tech savvy world. This well-organized, up-to-date and compact text explains the basic concepts of MOS technology including the fabrication methods, MOS characteristic behaviour, and design processes for layouts, etc. in a crisp and easy-to-learn style. The latest and most advanced techniques for maximising performance, minimising power consumption, and achieving rapid design turnarounds are discussed with great skill by the authors. Key Features ? Gives an in-depth analysis of MOS structure, device characteristics, modelling and MOS device fabrication techniques. ? Provides detailed description of CMOS design of combinatorial, sequential and arithmetic circuits with emphasis on practical applications. ? Offers an insight into the CMOS testing techniques for the design of VLSI circuits. ? Gives a number of solved problems in VHDL and Verilog languages. ? Provides a number of short answer questions to help the students during examinations. Contents Preface 1. INTRODUCTION 2. BASIC MOS STRUCTURE 3. MOS DEVICE CHARACTERISTICS 4. CMOS INVERTER DESIGN 5. MOS CIRCUIT DESIGN PROCESSES 6. SPECIAL CIRCUIT LAYOUTS 7. SUPER BUFFERS, BiCMOS AND STEERING LOGIC 8. CMOS COMBINATIONAL LOGIC CIRCUITS 9. CMOS SEQUENTIAL LOGIC CIRCUITS 10. DESIGN OF ARITHMETIC BUILDING BLOCKS 11. PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC DEVICES 12. CMOS CHIP DESIGN 13. ROUTING PROCEDURES 14. CMOS TESTING 15. VERILOG HDL 16. BEHAVIOURAL MODELLING 17. ARITHMETIC CIRCUITS IN CMOS VLSI 18. VHDL Index Printed Pages: 472.
मंच क्रम संख्या Biblio.com: 436283513
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ISBN (वैकल्पिक notations): 81-203-3431-0, 978-81-203-3431-1


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